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  • Vaughn Burks - Baderbrau Brewing Corp. - Tap Room

Goobsi is not just a product, it’s a lifestyle.

I was introduced to goobsi by a good friend and the Co-founder of goobsi, Eric Charest-Weinberg. During a visit to my home in Laguna Beach, Eric brought me a variety of samples from the goobsi product line, such as facial and body oils, body powders and accessories that help with the application. I must admit the samples stayed on the shelf for a good while. I was used to my old hygiene products and not interested in trying anything new. I was content using the typical off-the-shelf lotions and facial creams from my local Target, but never satisfied with the results. Either the lotion did not nourish my skin properly or the facial cream left behind a greasy film that ended up irritating my eyes.

One day, after getting out of the hot shower and noticing more and more dry, blotchy spots all over my skin I thought it was time to try something new. I decided not to apply my old lotions and creams and give goobsi a try. It was a moment that profoundly changed my experience with skin care products.

I started with the goobsi face oil, Face Food. My biggest problem was dry skin that seemed to be growing in various places around my mouth and cheeks. I took only two drops of the facial oil and rubbed it into my hands. Immediately I noticed the soothing aroma of the oil. I could tell the quality of the oil was very high creating a wonderful silky smooth feeling as I rubbed it into my hands and then on my face. When I applied it to the skin on my face, it was like nothing I had ever experienced in a product. My face oozed with pleasure and the dry splotches vanished, replaced by silky-smooth, baby-like skin. It made me feel good and gave a wonderful healthy glow to my face. Blown away with the effect of the Face Food, I was very excited to try the Body Oil line and feel the effect.

Before I did, however, I decided to give the goobsi Powder a try. I used the wonderful puff that was provided to apply the powder and I used only a small amount in areas that are prone to chafing and it felt like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t think it could get any better. Then I tried the Body Oil to finish off my pampering. I applied a small but generous amount all over my body mostly on my limbs which are prone to being dry, irritable and ashy. The results were astonishing. The dry skin disappeared and it felt like they were instantly rejuvenated and nourished.

It felt like I had just paid hundreds of dollars to a Hollywood spa when I was finished. After continuing to use the goobsi products for a week, I no longer suffered from the dry splotchy skin. This was revolutionary to me after trying other products for years to reverse the problem.

I can’t thank you enough, Eric, for introducing to me such a beautiful natural product line that will forever be a valuable part in the evolution of my lifestyle.

Vaughn Burks
Baderbrau Brewing Corp.

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