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  • Spikenard Essential Oil

Spikenard Essential Oil

Spikenard essential oil has a history that trails back to the biblical times. Referenced many times in the bible, it served as a multipurpose essential oil. It was used at religious alters in incense, in medieval cooking, in perfumery, and in ancient Indian medicine. With it’s endless uses, Spikenard has always been considered a valuable, luxurious essential oil. It’s uses centuries ago were endless and many of the ancient medicine practices are commonly used today with this essential oil.

So, how is spikenard essential oil useful for us today?

Spikenard for sleep

With all of the what to expect when you are expecting blogs and information out there, they rarely mention the ridiculous insomnia you are likely to suffer from. Your body is physically exhausted and tired and sleep would be like a one person vacation to dream paradise. By lathering up in a spikenard infused products, you may be able to fall asleep better and faster than you thought. Scientist have found spikenard to be an all natural sedative and great for inducing a natural sleep. If you could imagine taking a perfectly warm shower, massaging your shoulders and neck with a spikenard infused cream followed by climbing into bed to drift off into a magical sleep. This sounds like an excellent alternative to scrolling through photos at 3 AM.

Spikenard for inflammation

Swelling and inflammation can happen at anytime and possibly for no reason. This is especially true if your day is spent sitting down at a desk or in an office where your body is not able to circulate blood and fluids throughout the day. After a long day, your body is yearning for a good rub down it is believed that spikenard essential oil infused products that can help relieve and soothe inflamed limbs. It’s historically medicinal qualities are thought to be an asset when dealing with inflammation of the limbs. The combination of the massage and the spikenard will help your body renew itself and get ready for the next day.

Spikenard for full body wellness

Sometimes, you wake up and you just feel off. Your stomach is queasy, you have a migraine brewing around your temples, and all in all you just don’t feel good. Spikenard is able to bring your body back to center. In the times of ancient medicines, spikenard was highly favored and a prized possession used to heal the entire body. Through the Middle East and India, ancient doctors would heal the mind, body, and soul of their people using this cherished oil.

Spikenard has been healing mind, body, and soul since the time before time centuries ago. From the scent to the medicinal properties, spikenard can bring your body back to it’s center and relieve you of modern day ailments.
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