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Spearmint Essential Oil

Spearmint essential oil, scientifically known as Mentha spicata, is well known for it’s invigorating and fresh aroma. In the times of scurvy and rampid diseases in the new world of North America, spearmint was used as an herbal remedy to treat ailments. Even further back than the 1500’s in the times of ancient Roman history, there is a tale that says that spearmint is actually the wife of Pluto. According to the tale, he was jealous of a nymph named Minthes so he decided to turn his wife into a plant.

Commonly used with peppermint oil to lower the intensity, the oils are from the same mint family and hold very similar benefits. The uses of spearmint in the 21st century is not to far off from it’s roots. Well known for uses in teas, spearmint is also has amazing antifungal properties that can protect against human pathogens.

Spearmint and it’s essential oil has been widely studied for it’s health benefits for the skin, hair, and internally. While the scent is it’s most identifying feature, spearmint is a super essential oil that can enhance your entire body.

Spearmint for Your Health

Components of spearmint essential oil can help ward off pesky illnesses and human pathogens. The actual scent of the oil has been researched and used for people that suffer from nausea which makes products that include spearmint essential oil a great and natural alternative when dealing with morning sickness or just general nausea.

Spearmint for Aromatherapy

There are endless ways aromatherapy can improve your day and help when you are feeling off from your usual self. When used for the purposes of aroma therapy, spearmint can help with stomach issues as well as nausea. The practice of aromatherapy is known to naturally relieve anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and a host of other ailments that can be naturally treated.

Spearmint for Total Relaxation

There is nothing better than going home, running a bath, and sinking into total relaxation. Products that utilize the benefits of spearmint essential oil can make that experience that much better. Research has shown that the spearmint plant of which the oil is derived contains carvone which has shown to be antispasmodic. This essentially means spearmint can naturally help your muscles relax. Imagine lathering up in spearmint infused products after an exhausting week to relax. It is a completely indulgent experience.

Spearmint is an essential oil that can help ward off illness-causing pathogens as well as uplift and invigorate through aromatherapy. While there are various ways to use aromatherapy, body lotions, scrubs, and bath products are excellent vehicles for spearmint essential oil to work it’s magic. Spearmint essential oil infused products can also help promote the ultimate relaxation. From the shower to massaging it into your scalp, this essential oil can get the job done.


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