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  • Organic white sesame seed oil can banish migraines, reduce swelling, and protect your body against viruses, infections, and harmful sun rays.

Organic White Sesame Seed Oil

Organic white sesame seed oil has a history that dates back to the BC era and was known for it’s culinary uses as well as it’s medicinal benefits. In Africa, Egyptians used sesame oil for health issues such as arthritis and other circulatory nerve problems. This lovely oil can be found across history from just about every continent in the world. The sesame seed that the oil is derived from can vary in color which is why this particular oil is specified as white sesame seed oil.

We know it from our food and some of the best culinary dishes but, how can white sesame seed oil enhance our skin and body?

Organic White sesame seed oil for full body health

On the most basic of levels, organic white sesame oil is practically the anti-oil. It is anitbacterial, antiseptic, antiinflammatory, antiviral, and an antioxidant. It seriously can help to protect you against illnesses, germs, viruses, and help you with swelling. When you are moving around, commuting, and in a constant mist of germs, this can come in handy!

Organic white sesame oil for skin

Dry hair, skin and scalp can be one of the most irritating aspects of the change of seasons. The best way to cure yourself of this ridiculous dryness is to lock in the moisture that your body naturally produces and that you get from the water when you take a shower. Sesame oil is an excellent option when it comes to the skin. Is acts as a beautiful emollient which helps to seal in moisture. That means you can take a shower and apply sesame oil infused products on your skin and lock in that wonderful moisture. Sesame oil is also great for protecting your skin from harmful sun rays. Practicing safe sun is essential all year around and sesame oil products make it super easy.

White sesame oil for migraines

There is something about migraines that can simply knock you off of your feet until they pass. Studies have shown that sesame oil can rescue you from the headache misery. It has great antiinflammatory properties which make it perfect for migraine relief. Rub infused products along your temples and stressed areas, close your eyes, sip some herbal tea, and feel that thumping in your head melt away.

White sesame oil for oily, acne prone skin

Oil for oily, acne prone skin? Does that even make sense? It does! Sebum is the oil that our body naturally produces and when you have super oily skin, it means that your body is producing extra sebum which can result in annoying pimples and acne. Products that include sesame oil can help regulate that sebum, cut down the oil slick on your face, and fight your acne issues.

White sesame seed oil is the queen of all of the oils because of it’s lightweight, multi-purpose qualities.
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