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  • Lavender Water

Organic Lavender Water

Organic Lavender water (lavender hydrosol) is a natural by-product produced from steam distilling lavender essential oil. In this process, mature lavender flowers are contained in a vessel and steam is introduced. This causes the plant tissues to break down and release the fragrant oil as a vapor. The steam is then forced through a cooling chamber where it changes back to a liquid. This liquid contains both water and lavender essential oils. The two are then separated to make lavender essential oils and lavender water. Because some of the oils remain trapped in the water, lavender water retains the fragrance and the healing properties of lavender essential oils.

What are the health benefits of lavender water?

Lavender water is most commonly associated with promoting relaxation and promoting peaceful sleep, but it has many other health benefits, too. Lavender water is used to treat the following conditions:

  • Migraines and Headaches – Lavender water can be either inhaled or applied to the temples to lessen the pain of headaches and migraines.
  • Anxiety, Stress and Depression – Lavender water can be inhaled or applied to the skin to help relieve stress and anxiety and may relieve the symptoms of depression. It can even be sprayed on clothing, or on a scarf to release it’s fragrance throughout the day to provide an uplifting scent and keep anxiety and stress at bay.
  • Eczema – Lavender water soothes the skin and help heal eczema and other skin problems, such as dry skin or acne. Try lavender water as an after bath splash to soothe dry winter skin.
  • Wounds & Scars – Lavender water can be used to speed the healing of wounds and reduce the appearance of scars.

Is there any scientific evidence to support the health benefits of organic lavender water?

Although research into the effects of lavender is often done with essential oils, lavender water is thought to produce the same results as it contains some essential oils. According to a compilation of research on the pharmaceutical benefits of lavender entitled Lavender: The Genus Lavandula, lavender offers a host of health benefits. Studies support that lavender has the following healing properties:

  • Sedative
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Mood Elevating

How is lavender water used?

Lavender water can be thought of as a diluted version of lavender essential oil. Because the oils are not as concentrated as those in essential oil, lavender water can typically be used full strength and does not require a carrier oil. It can be spritzed directly on the face or skin to freshen the complexion and provide fragrance. Because lavender water is distilled it does not contain other impurities found in water, such as minerals and deposits from hard water. Lavender water contains only water and some lavender oils. It is often used in cosmetics, such as facial lotions and other skin and hair care products.

Lavender water can also be used as a natural household cleaner or added to the laundry to give it a clean, fresh scent. It can also be kept in a spray bottle and spritzed on clean linens or sprayed in the bedroom before sleep to fragrance the room and promote restful sleep.”lavender+essential+oil”+acne+care&ots=QbdDDj99iP&sig=wPsNz8wnFbRJf5pfvLywutJsKU#v=onepage&q=”lavender essential oil”acne care&f=false
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