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  • There is scientific evidence to support the health benefits of lavender essential oil

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Organic lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the blooms of the lavender plant. This perennial herb is native to the Mediterranean region, but is currently grown world-wide. It is prized for its heady, sweet fragrance and many healing properties. It has been used in cosmetics and as an herbal remedy to treat a host of conditions since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used lavender in preparing their dead for the afterlife, while the ancient Romans used lavender to scent the public baths. The name lavender is thought to have come from the Roman word lavare meaning “to wash”.

What are the health benefits of organic lavender essential oil?

Lavender is best known for its ability to calm the nerves and induce restful sleep, but it has other health benefits as well. Some of the most common uses for lavender essential oil include:

  • Relieves Headaches and Migraines -The fragrance is thought to relieve headaches and migraines. It  may be inhaled or applied to the skin.
  • Reduces Anxiety – Inhaling the fragrance of lavender oil is relaxing and calming.
  • Alleviates Insomnia – Lavender sachets are often placed in bedrooms.
  • Relieves Depression – The scent of lavender is thought to elevate and enhance mood.
  • Treats Acne – Topical application of lavender oil prevents infection and may reduce sebum production.
  • Heal Scars – Topical application rejuvenates tissues and speeds healing.
  • Relieves Sore Muscles and Backache – The fragrance of lavender soothes muscle pains and aches and reduces the perception of pain.
  • Improves Digestion – Lavender is thought to ease digestive disorders.
  • Treats Wounds, Cuts an Abrasions – Lavender oil applied to open sores and wounds prevents infection and speeds healing.
  • Treat Skin Disorders –Lavender essential oil is thought to soothe dry skin and promote healing in skin conditions like eczema.

Is there any scientific evidence to support the health benefits of lavender essential oil?

Yes. There have been a number of studies that support the health benefits of lavender essential oil.

2006 study at the New York University Medical Study concluded that inhaling the fragrance of lavender essential oil was effective in relieving post operative pain.

2009 study published in the journal Holistic Nursing Practice confirmed that lavender essential oil reduced test-taking anxiety in nursing graduate students.

Lavender: The Genus Lavandula , a compilation of the research on lavender, lists the following properties of lavender.

  • Sedative: Lavender essential oil works to relax the body and promote sleep.
  • Anti-anxiety: Lavender essential oil reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Lavender essential oil kills bacteria responsible for infections or food poisoning.
  • Anti-Fungal: Lavender essential oil prevents and treats fungal infections.
  • Elevates Mood: People who inhale the fragrance of lavender essential oil report feeling happier.

How is lavender essential oil used?

Lavender essential oil can be used topically, in aromatherapy and taken internally. It is often used as fragrance in candles and potpourri and can be used in cosmetics, such as skin and hair care products, lotions and other beauty products. Lavender can also be used in cooking and in making tea.

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