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Nutmeg Essential Oil

The earthy and warming spice of nutmeg is not just an essential ingredient in our favorite fall pumpkin recipes. Nutmeg essential oil, Myristica fragransis used in a myriad of natural, alternative health remedies. During the height of the spice trade era, nutmeg was highly sought after and many died in their quest to get their hands on it. While it is not as much of a deadly journey to purchase nutmeg essential oil these days, the benefits that were worth dying for in the 1600’s are still upheld in modern day alternative medicine. The properties of nutmeg make the essential oil a multipurpose product to have in your whole body healing arsenal.

So, how can nutmeg help the average person in their everyday life?

Nutmeg essential oil to fight off illness

Studies have shown that the use of nutmeg essential oil can help fight off strains of microbial illnesses that may be around you on a daily basis. This means when you use products infused with nutmeg essential oil, you are adding a layer of protection against illnesses that can strike from anywhere.

Nutmeg essential oil for oral health

From smelly breath to helping out the a pesky tooth ache, nutmeg essential oil can help with both. The antibacterial components found in nutmeg help to kill the odor and decay-causing bacteria in the mouth and will leave your mouth healthier and fresher.

Nutmeg essential oil for cancer and Alzheimer’s prevention

When there is an opportunity to naturally help protect yourself from horrible ailments like colon cancer and Alzheimer’s without filling your body with drugs, why not take it? Studies have proven that the components in nutmeg help colon cancer patients as an natural alternative to chemotherapy which can be harsh on the body. Studies have also shown that the component Myristicin, found in nutmeg, can block the enzymes responsible for memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

Nutmeg is a spice that has been used for centuries for it’s medicinal powers, culinary purposes, and healing qualities. Explorers battled to the death to get their hands on this magical spice. While and duel to the death is far from necessary in the 21st century, the benefits of nutmeg essential oil is just as potent and powerful as it was in the 1600’s.


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