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Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil comes from the delightfully scented citrus family and is packed to the brim with full body benefits. The health benefits of Neroli oil have been used since the times of Nefertiti  and the priestesses of ancient Egypt. Also known as the orange blossom oil, Egyptians often times used this oil to relieve body pains and fevers as well as healing their minds and spirits. Neroli oil was regarded as a healing oil for the mind, body, and spirit of priestesses and priests of Egypt.

This ancient oil retains all of those same benefits and more centuries later and is used for the skin, the mind, and the entire body as a tantalizing citrus experience.

Neroli Essential Oil For Your Mind:

Neroli essential oil is well known for it’s relaxing properties. Body products infused with this oil can help you wind down at the end of a hectic work day or a non-stop evening of running behind the kids. A few drops of Neroli infused product massaged along your temples and shoulders can help keep insomnia away and send you off into a peaceful sleep. It is also known to help ward off depression as well and brighten the mood in general.

Neroli Essential Oil for Your Body:

The benefits of Neroli essential oil for the body are just as transformative and amazing. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the oil make it a perfect all natural alternative for healing scrapes, open scratches, and other wounds. It is also the perfect oil to protect yourself against bacteria that is basically invisible to the naked eye. Cold and flu season while out and about, or anywhere that more than five people are in close proximity to one another, can knock you off of your game for over a week. Neroli oil can help protect you from the airborne germs that can throw you off. Neroli helps to maintain a body that is balanced and healthy.

Neroli Essential Oil for Your Skin:

Some of the best outward and visible benefits of Neroli oil are for the skin. Aside from the alluring citrus scent, Neroli essential oil infused products can provide long lasting benefits for your skin that you can reap for years to come. This powerhouse essential oil helps your skin and body generate new and healthy cells while also promoting the health of the existing cells. If you struggle with dry and damaged skin, Neroli Oil can breathe a gust of life into the damaged skin cells and help your body create shiny new ones as well.

Just about everyone has dealt with acne at some point in their life; whether that time was in high school or the dreaded adult acne. Even worse than that, you have to deal with the scars and dark spots that are left over. Neroli Oil can help fade, reduce, and get rid of the scars and wreckage left behind from your boughs with acne.

The royals of ancient Egypt were right about this phenomenal essential oil. It’s properties can enhance your body, heal your skin, and brighten your mind with just a few drops.
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