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May Chang Essential Oil

Litsea Cubeba (more widely known as May Chang Essential Oil), is a highly coveted essential oil in the Asian Market. Used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese Medicine to treat everything from digestive issues, anxiety, and depression to basic cuts and scrapes and even the common cold, this oil extract is used regularly amongst the naturopathic community.

Oil Extraction

Excreted from the  fruit of the Litsea Tree  found primarily in Taiwan, China and Indonesia, the oil’s main component (about 80%) is citral, which is what is known to give May Chang its antibacterial and antiseptic healing properties.

Offering a strong of citrus scent that makes it popular among the chemical industry, this pepper-like fruit produces high levels of oil that can be used medicinally.

Production estimates in China alone report between 500-1,500 tons of oil produced in year in the country.

Health Benefits of May Chang Essential Oil

The ancient Chinese regularly used the herb for treating digestive issues and asthma. It contains a natural anti-spasmodic agent that helps to clear the bronchia of spasms and helps the patient breathe easier.  Users claim that simply rubbing a few drops into a vaporizer several times a day can help clear chest congestion and ease breathing.

But that’s not the only health benefit that May Chang offers. Here are a few other common uses for this versatile healing agent:

  • Skin Care:  Offering a gentle astringent property that helps clean out pores, as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents that aids in healing, Litsea Cubeba helps to clear acne, athlete’s foot, eczema and other skin irritations and then keep flare-ups at bay.
  • Digestive Disorders: well-known as a digestive stimulant, May Chang is often used among traditional Chinese medical practitioners to ease the symptoms of indigestion and flatulence.  Working to stimulate action in the digestive system, the herb works best by rubbing 4-5 drops on the outer skin of the stomach in a circular motion for several minutes.
  • Infection Fighter: packed with antibacterial and antiviral properties, Litsea Cubeba is an effective germ fighter.  Just a few drops of the oil in a vaporizer or diffuser can help stave off a cold or other viral infections in your home.

Another good way to keep germs at bay around your home is to use May Chang as a disinfectant cleaner. Use it alone or mix it with equal parts of Tea Tree Oil for an effective disinfectant cleaner all around the home. Don’t forget to wipe countertops, toilets, keyboards, remote control, phones, and doorknobs with the extract to keep your family free from the colds and flu all year round.

Litsea Cubeba Oil Fights Lung Cancer

New reports are showing good results in using Litsea Cubeba Oil in treating lung cancer.  A study released by the National Institutes for Health ( offers a lot of interesting facts on how researchers are using this simple herb to combat lung cancer. Although extended research is needed, the initial reports offered in the study look promising.

Not just your average essential oil, Litsea Cubeba offers a multitude of health benefits to everyone who uses it. From concocting a disinfectant cleaner with the oil to using it to prevent the common cold and treating lung cancer, May Chang is an effective health agent that has been utilized for thousands of years in Asia.

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