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Galbanum Essential Oil

Galbanum Resin (Ferula galbaniflua) is gathered from the roots of a perennial herb that grows wild in Iran. The resin is harvested by first making incisions in the exposed bulbous roots and then returning in two weeks to break off the resin that has seeped outside the bulb and hardened. Harvesting is typically done by women, but may be done by other workers. The resin is then cleaned and steamed distilled to capture the essential oils. Galbanum resin is used in perfumes, aromatherapy and as an herbal remedy for a range of ailments.

What are the health benefits of galbanum resin?

Galbanum resin is known for it use in making incense, as it has a green and woodsy aroma similar to balsam. In fact, the Bible refers to galbanum as one of the main ingredients for holy incense. It has been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies, to treat physical ailments and in skincare products. Some of the most common health benefits of galbanum are:

  • Treating Arthritis– It is thought to improve blood circulation and help the body rid itself of uric acid and salts.
  • Relaxing Muscles and Nerves – It is used to treat muscle spasms and cramps, to ease sore over-used muscles and to treat spasms in the intestines and respiratory system.
  • Diminishing the Appearance of Scars – Galbanum is used to treat scars from acne, cuts and bruises and may even be effective on stretch marks. It is thought to regenerate healthy tissues to replace the damaged tissue and scars.
  • Treating Colds & Bronchitis – Galbanum is used to clear chest congestion, relieve coughs and restore easy breathing in people with colds or bronchitis.
  • Maintaining Healthy Skin– Galbanum is used as an emollient to revitalize aging skin and to treat sagging skin. It is also used to fight acne.
  • Healing Wounds – Galbanum can be applied to cuts, abrasions and skin ulcers to speed healing. A 1975 study conducted at the Esfaban University in Iran, confirmed that galbanum resin has antimicrobial properties and kills bacteria or microorganisms that can cause infection.

What are the spiritual or aromatherapy uses of galbanum?

Galbanum resin is referred to an ingredient for holy incense in the Book of Exodus in the Christian Bible and has long been treated as such, but its use pre-dated Christianity. The Ancient Egyptians used galbanum resin for both religious ceremonies and for embalming. The Greeks used it as an anointing oil. Today, spiritual healers may use galbanum to promote spiritual growth, to develop psychic abilities, to call in the angels or psychic guides or to summon the dead. The fragrance is also used to induce relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety and to promote restful sleep.

Galbanum resin is a versatile oil that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. As part of your regular skin care routine it can help fight acne and infection, soothe stretch marks or treat unsightly scars. But don’t overlook its many health benefits that will improve your sense of well-being and may give you a spiritual lift too.


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