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Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper is now revered as a must have spice in just about any kitchen. The spicy, earthy flavor is used for all sorts of recipes from savory to sweet. However, very few people know the royal history of this common spice. In a far away time when the spice trade was a cut throat business, black pepper was regarded has the spice to get your hands on. High in value, black pepper was even used as currency during trades. It was so valuable that people during that time even traded it for gold as it’s value was considered to be as high, if not higher, than the precious metal.

But how does this once priceless and now common spice effect our quest for beauty?

Black Pepper as an antibacterial

Pampering yourself in black pepper infused products can do more for you besides make you smell nice and look pretty. The properties in black pepper are naturally antibacterial and can help ward off common bacteria that can cause annoying illnesses that can knock you off of your feet for a couple of days.

Black pepper for muscle pain and stiffness

Whether you have muscle pain from working out, an injury, or just a long day on your feet, black pepper essential oil infused products can help relax your muscles and reduce pains caused by injury and tension. After a warm bath, you can lather up in a black pepper infused lotion, cream, or butter and feel your pains and stress melt away.

Black pepper for general health

When you feel the beginning of a cold, cough, or general illness, black pepper infused products are wonderful for helping to encourage circulation and get rid of the aches and pains associated with colds and flu. It is a naturally warming and energizing essential oil which is perfect when you are getting over a cold.

Black pepper has a history of high value and rarity. It was once considered to be more valuable than gold. While it is now a common kitchen spice in cabinets around the world, the essential oil of black pepper is just as regal as it’s rich history. Whether you are using it to relax tense muscles or for it’s antibacterial properties during the cold and flu season, products infused with black pepper essential oil will undoubtedly be priceless.
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