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Bergamot Essential Oil

Imagine a fruit that looks like a pear-shaped orange, growing on small trees with a height of about 16 feet. This is the fruit of the Bergamot, crisp, and citrus in aroma, soothing and energizing, depending on its use.

History and Folklore of Bergamot Essential Oils

When Americus Vespucci and Christopher Columbus were busily discovering the new Western World, they brought their eastern traditions and medicinals into the western globe. Eastern established remedies, like Bergamot Essential Oils, were brought into our world all the way from the Canary Islands in the 16th century.

There were common beliefs that Bergamot essential oil would work to heal skin problems, soothing respiratory and urinary tract infections, breaking fevers, and killing intestinal worms, not because of the scientific knowledge we use today, just simply because the healers of the day learned through practice that this worked reliably.

Mothers passed down information that they learned through experience as well, like when they massaged bergamot into the abdominal region of a child suffering from colic or gas pain, they could relieve the symptoms and the child would relax and be able to sleep.

Modern Processes and Applications of Bergamot Essential Oil

Before the green fruit of the Bergamot Tree is completely ripened, the fruit is harvested and the skin is cold-pressed for its valuable aromatic oils. One widespread use for Bergamot oil is in the manufacture of Earl Grey Tea. Bergamot is also produced for use as massaging oil blends, aroma lamp oils for soothing anxiety and depression, and now science has proven the antimicrobial properties work to relieve urinary and bladder symptoms when applied as a bath soak remedy. The addition of Bergamot into coconut oil creates an effective cold sore treatment and relieves sensitive chapped lips. Scientific studies also show that Bergamot essential oil helps reduce high blood pressure and reduce autonomic nervous system stress.(1)

Modern applications also include lovely scented perfume combinations like lavender and neroli with bergamot oils. The Bergamot essential oils bring fresh notes of natural fragrance both sweet and citrus, with a floral undertone that stabilizes emotions, calms, and strengthens the nervous system, relaxing tension and insomnia. Adults also gain benefits of symptoms relief of gastronomic pain and aided digestion. “Bergamot is antibacterial and effective in the treatment of bladder infections and vaginitis used in a soaking bath. To treat sore throats use 3 drops of bergamot with 1/8 teaspoon salt in 1/2 cup warm water as a gargle.”(3)

One of the differences between using temporary aids to digestive problems like antacids, or medications that reduce the acid flow into the digestive tract, is that only treats the symptoms. Using the essential oils like bergamot will address the core problem to heal the actual cause and bring more permanent relief.

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