Organic Shave Oil

It’s hard to beat the silky, inviting feel of newly-shaved skin – except when razor nicks, dryness and irritation make it a less-than-pleasant experience. Our Organic Shave Oil is specially formulated to keep your skin moisturized, protected and hydrated – both during and after your shave. Use it on your legs, your face – anywhere your razor touches for a supremely comfortable skin that looks and feels healthy. Blended from all-organic oils, our Virgin Shave Oil makes every shave feel sensational.

In search of a little inspiration? Our Muse Shave Oil is ready to enlighten your senses! Gliding from a base of our Virgin Shave Oil, bright pops of fragrance emerge – sunny Pink Grapefruit, sweet Ylang Ylang and deep Oakmossdance with a trio of rare resins: Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood.
Bring tranquility along with you throughout the day when you use our Lavender Shave Oil. Just when you thought we couldn’t improve upon the silky original blend of our Virgin Shave Oil, we’ve added the peppery floral note of pure lavender for a soothing aromatherapy afterglow.