Face Soap

Dirt, oil and other impurities accumulate on your skin throughout the day – if you’re only washing it with harsh, mainstream cleansers you might be drying and damaging your skin. Why not try our Face Soap instead? Made with a gentle, natural ingredient list, our Virgin Face Soap begins with Castile Soap and finishes with an organic trio of Jojoba Oil, Honey and Rose Water for a delightful cleansing experience.
When you lather up with our Rose Face Soap, you’ll think of heavy, petaled blooms nodding from a stately arbor and the intoxicating fragrance of floral royalty. Nestled in a base of our moisturizing triple-oil Virgin Face Soap blend, a heart of Rose Essential Oil and Rosewater combine to offer you a garden of fresh skin benefits and aromatherapy in each palmful.

Why just clean your face when you can inspire your senses? Our Euphoria Face Soap adds a bouquet of alluring florals to our premium Virgin Face Soap Base. Swirls of fragrant Jasmine, May Chang and Ylang Ylang make lathering up a true pleasure, and one you’ll look forward to at the beginning and end of each day.
Breathe deeply as you pat your face dry and you’ll enjoy the namesake of our Lavender Face Soap – a soft, peppery floral note that soothes the senses and the skin. Refreshing and invigorating, it’s bright enough to notice, but not to overwhelm. Add some fragrant tranquility to your cleansing rituals and discover why this herb is the ideal addition to our original Virgin Face Soap base.