America’s natural artisan organic aromatherapy mist, Aura (crafted by all-natural brand goobsi) is available in long-lasting  2 and 4 fl oz. You can apply it directly to your skin or use it as an air mist to bring gentle relaxation and a pleasant state of mind.
Have you ever left a spa wishing you could capture the fragrance – and its euphoric effects – and bring it home or to your office? Because we can’t spend every day at the spa, there’s Euphoria Aura, a spa in a bottle.

To get lasting anxiety-reducing effects similar to what you’d find at a spa. Ideal as an air-mist for meditation, yoga, fussy babies and people in high-stress situations, including new mothers, patients, caregivers, students, people with demanding careers and parents.
Use Aura at the end of a hard day, while reading, with a soak in the tub or during a break at work. Or start your day 15 minutes before the house wakes up: spritz Aura, stretch on a yoga mat, and get your mind in order for the day ahead.